Weight Watchers - The Old Plan

Remember - see your doctor before starting any weight loss plan.

Since its beginning, the Weight Watchers program has changed and evolved.  Some old-timers will tell you about the plan when you had to eat liver once a week, etc...  In the past decade plus...Weight Watchers program involved "Points".  There were several versions of the Points program - the calculation was the same, but the program did go through changes.

The original points program's calculation involved Fiber, Fat and Calories.  It worked for many people and some  have gone back to this program rather than continue with the new Points Plus.  You will not get the old program at meetings or online.  But if you choose this option to do on your own, there are many resources out there:

Roni's Weigh Weight Watcher Calculators

One More Pound

Dottie's Weight Loss Zone

Spark People Message Board Group

There are also phone apps available - when doing any searching remember Points Plus is the new and current plan - don't get the Points plans confused!

Interested in some of the older Weight Watcher plans.....

1972 Weight Watchers Info

History of Weight Watchers

Old Weight Watcher Recipes Cards  (none of these look appetizing - but they are good for a laugh)