This & That

Well tomorrow at this time I'll be very close to Penn Station in NYC!!!  It's going to be such a very long day.....not that I'm complaining!!!  I'm looking at good times with some other fans!

Then it will be time to plan the trip in February - lol!!!

Our Joppa kitty went out on Saturday morning and has never returned.  I'm trying to keep my hopes up but with each passing day.....  Poor Cooper goes out in the morning and sits on the stoop and just...looks....  He and Joppa were best buddies and I'm sure he's looking for him as well.  I hate not knowing.  I've contacted the Humane Society, 24 Hour Petwatch (due to his microchip), put an add on Craigslist, put the word out....but so far no luck.  Hopefully soon.

So if you live in the Waynesboro, PA area, and have seen this kitty recently or know of someone that may have him (he's extremely friendly and many neighbors feed him and let him inside) please help bring him home: