Richard III

Wow is probably the best word I can find to describe Richard III.  Though I only have “Moon For The Misbegotten” to compare it to, I can throw all his movies in the mix as well and say that this is by far Kevin’s best performance. 

I was pretty much in a win-win situation being a fan of both Kevin and Shakespeare.  I consider Shakespeare timeless and they are as good today as I’m sure they were years ago. This particular adaption uses modern clothing and I do prefer that to the period clothing.

Even if you are not familiar with the story or get lost at what’s going on at times, the actors’ performances (all of them not just Kevin) will hold your attention- they are *that* good.  I fell in love with Chuk Iwuji who played Buckingham - his performance is one of my favorites.  I’m amazed at how Kevin performs hunched over and with his one leg in a brace – it must become very uncomfortable at some point.

I find bald/balding men rather sexy and this play was full of them - I was in heaven! I was also very glad that Kevin wore no hair piece and I’m hoping he keeps that goatee.  I was on the side in the 3rd row and it was practically like sitting on the stage.

Noticed no signing afterwards and security is person told me they happened to stop in front of the theatre to decide which direction to go in earlier in the day. Security immediately came out wanting to know what they needed. Apparently they don't want you hanging around (and they were there around the time Kevin would be arriving). The theatre isn’t in the best of neighborhoods, so I’m guessing that’s why.  Also no programs to buy, you get the BAM version of a Playbill.

On the fan front...I spent time with Jackie and hubby Dave, who planned their trip with mine because they didn’t want me wandering around Brooklyn by myself (thanks for your concern and company), talked to Jill at intermission and had lunch the next day with Sherry. Very fun trip.

I stayed at the Aloft Hotel in Brooklyn and I highly recommend it. My room was gorgeous and actually spacious. The whole hotel had a “mod” take to it. I fell in love with the bathroom and now see future plans at my house (very far in the future)....  total price for one night was $152 (that included all the taxes). The staff is extremely helpful and it is within walking distance to the theatre.  You can check it out at