A New Kitchen.....Well Sort Of....

I guess it's no surprise to anyone that knows me that I have a tiny little house:

At some point a kitchen addition was put on the back (which is actually a good thing).

Below is the original kitchen that is now a dining room...an itty bitty room:

We recently pulled up the carpet which revealed a very ugly white vinyl floor...under that is unfinished hardwood.  Anyway, you can't sit a table in the middle of the room as it blocks the walking thru it...so our table was always up against the wall - unused, collecting junk, sleeping area for cats.

The above is the kitchen....now these were taken some time ago - that corner where the microwave is?  It was housing a rabbit cage.  The microwave stand was moved to where the stand on the left of the above photo is (and that stand was in the dining room taking up room).  Island in the center.  All that stuff just made the kitchen seem unusable - it wasn't workable.

Anyway....I cleaned the kitchen on Monday and when hubby got home I had a "I was thinking moment".  And we did this to the kitchen:

Rabbit cage went to the dining room (that now houses the turtle as well), island went to the corner by the refrigerator, microwave went onto a kitchen counter (and the microwave stand went totally out of the house).

I LOVE IT!!!  For the first time ever we have actually eaten our meals in the kitchen and not the living room in front of the tv!!  The kitchen looks bigger, it is so workable...I just love being there.  And with the island:

 We've made a coffee area for our Keurig and and an area for my weighing and measuring (plus it holds the baking dishes).

Now the dining room is another story.........and hopefully another post!

Question - I was thinking of painting the kitchen cabinets white - what do you all think???


  1. I wouldn't paint the cabinets completely white. Mainly because you have so many other wood surfaces in the room. What would be cool is to dry brush them, so that some of the wood bits show through underneath. I'd be happy to show you how to do it and it's really easy. The other idea would be to just dry brush the cabinet doors and leave the cabinets the natural wood. It helps break up the surface area and makes for a more visually interesting presentation. Kind of like how I have the black cabinets with the silver cabinet doors. Just my 2 design cents.


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