A Diet Reposting From Last Year With Some Helpful Hints

This is a post from last year, but it's worth reposting....

I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions as I rarely keep them but I know lots of people do and one of the top ones is to lose weight!

I'm with everyone on that one, I made that resolutions many times but normally by the end of the first week I was completely done!  But back in September I was totally in the correct mind set (you have to have that in the right place) to really take the challenge and lose some weight!!

CC and I opted on Weight Watchers and we've been very successful with it.  And though I've still got a way to go...here's some helpful tips & hints for the New Year's Weight Watchers:

Obviously if you're doing Weight Watchers (WW from here on) you already know about this little guy:
This is the Points Plus calculator.  He's forever in my one hand when I grocery shop.  You cannot do the new program without it!  There is an app for those with IPhone, Droid and Blackberry and on the WW website (but you can't very well carry your desktop/laptop through the grocery store)..but regardless which you use, you do need to be able to calculate the food label to determine the Points Plus value (PP from here on).

If you go to meetings or are a member online and can shop on the online store..you will want to get this:

The first two books on the left are available for meeting members and given to you for free when you sign up.  This information is on the WW website for those that subscribe to it.  The other two books are the Complete Food Companion & the Dining Out Companion.  These two books have point values for hundreds of food and are great carry alongs to have.  Another need - something to track those points in, whether you choose the weekly freebie ones at the meetings, purchase the 3 month journal, track online, use a phone app or just use a plain old notebook (make it small so you can drop it in your purse) - track, track, track what your eating and what the point values are.

So you've got your basics, now what?  Well you positively cannot do WW, or any diet in my opinion, without these gadgets:
Yep, you'll need measuring cups and spoons.  As you see I have an entire basketful!  You can never have too many sets.  Keep them at home, work and on the go - you'll be glad that you did!

Another very useful diet companion is this:

The food scale!!  This particular one is the new WW one; but you don't really have to have the WW one.  Prior to this one I've used the one below purchased at Kmart:

He's worked really well and will become my back-up and tag along when needed.  Though electronic scales are more accurate, if your pocketbook just can't afford one a regular food scale will do; give it it's own special place on the kitchen counter.

Okay, so you have the WW basics and you have the diet basics.  Now what?  Well here's some more helpful things to get you on your way:

WW Magazine!  Full of tips, recipes, inspiring stories and coupons - it's well worth the subscription!

All fruit is point free on the new program - always have a big bowl available in your kitchen for snacking.  I plan on getting one of those fruit racks that hang from the ceiling, since my kitchen doesn't have a lot of counter space.

Hmmmm....here's something I bet you didn't think of!  Love my Sharpie's - that's what I use to write the point values on the food labels as you can see below:

See???  Now I know what the points are without recalculating.  I mark everything when I get home from the grocery store.

Speaking of the grocery store - watch when purchasing items that have the WW Points value on them.  There are still a lot of items out there in the old packaging so the points on them are inaccurate.  It should say "Points Plus", if it just says "Points" - you'll need to calculate the Points Plus value to make it accurate.

And *that* should get you all started!!  Still undecided on what diet to choose?  See my sidebar to to the left - there are links to some of the most popular ones!  And Good Luck!