The Holiday Begins

Today we had a Retirement Party at work for a co-worker - we had lots of food; at 1:00 they let the office go home and we don't have to go back until TUESDAY!!  We always get a day for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, this year they gave us the day before Christmas Eve as an extra bonus.  I finished my shopping this afternoon and then wrapped presents when I got home.  I didn't really have a lot to buy this year.  My family has really cut back in this department, which is nice, but I still like getting everyone a little something.  My great-nephew and my grandsons will get plenty.  Other than that my big gift giving is with hubby and CC.

This year I've asked for this:  Acer Tablet .  Yep that's something I don't have yet - a tablet.  At first I wanted the Kindle Fire.  I have a Kindle and really like it - to be able to go color and get on the web along with it - what could be better?  But the more I investigated, the more I thought that maybe the Fire just wasn't "good enough" for me.  Anyway, I found the Acer.  Hubby asked the obvious - if he couldn't find the Acer would another tablet comparable do?  Of course it would as long as it wasn't a Dell or Toshiba.

I don't know what he got, but he did tell me that I never would of been satisfied with the Kindle Fire..but he didn't say what he ended up getting.  He did say the salesperson asked why not a Dell or Toshiba.  His reply?  "Because she said no Dell or Toshiba."  LOL!!  I also had told him if he ended up at Best Buy to not let them talk him into a bunch of extras or a service plan - just get the tablet!

There's something wrapped up my fingers crossed!!


  1. Well…I hope it's an iPad! He can't go wrong with that!!!


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