Drama, Drama, Drama

I’m often so amazed that people see themselves in some of my posts that have nothing to do with them…or read more into things than what is actually there.  My blog postings are my thoughts and such….and there’s really no point in trying to analyze more into what is there, because what is there is exactly what it is.

A discussion was forwarded to me and the person who forwarded it is pretty sure it was sent to her knowing she would send it on to me.  One because she was never involved in the conversation being discussed to begin with and two the subject had nothing to do with her.  It only makes sense that one of the individuals chose to forward it on to her or maybe they meant to forward her something else and clicked that by mistake.  Anyway, it ended up in my box.

The discussion involved a conversation regarding one of my blog postings.  I’m actually quite honored that the posting seemed worthy of such an in depth conversation considering the topic was probably no more than one or two sentences within a larger post.  The sentences were exactly as mentioned, but they “had their own version” despite the fact what I wrote was true, at least on my end; but I now have an entirely different view of the situation and so wish I didn’t. 

But then today, this appeared on my FaceBook page:

Sometimes God gives us little signs and apparently he FaceBooked me today!   Now I’m glad I got that email and can walk away the bigger person!