Another Overdue Weight Loss Post

I'm two pounds over where I need to be.  :(

Last month when I weighed in, I knew I was going to be over...and I was by 1 lb.  My Weight Watchers Leader sympathized but that was it.  She told me that if I weighed in over next month, I would have to do weekly weigh-ins until I was back on track.  Not much help there was it?

I kept putting off this month and finally had to run up to Chambersburg yesterday to get my monthly weigh-in.  There was a different leader there (one I hadn't meant yet); but before I weighed I told her I knew I was still over..and yes, I 2 lbs. now.  She then asked me if I was still tracking.  I told her yes to an extent...I liked using my cell phone to track and when I hit Lifetime (and no longer had to pay), I lost use to I mainly track in my head.  She asked me what my daily point target was, I told her 29.  She questioned why I was still at 29.  I told her that when I hit goal I did move up to the 35 to begin maintenance, but I gained on 35 and I eventually ended up back at 29 and I just couldn't maintain.

She advised me that one - TRACK...write it all down for the time being and make sure my food measurements are correct.  She also told me that the changes coming to the programs next week would be a benefit for me as those changes are designed for those struggling to get rid of and keep off those last few pounds.  She couldn't share with me any details as they aren't allowed to until next week; but she said I'd like them.  I was impressed that she took the time to give some advice rather than just shaking her head.

I've been reading bits & pieces of the changes on the WW message board and the WW message board in the UK (which already have the changes).  Don't take this as engraved in stone, but what I'm hearing:

Lifetime members will get e-tools for free. (so maybe I'll get my phone app back!)

Daily points can go as low as 26.  (would make sense that my lose pts and maintain pts aren't the same)

One day during the week you can do the "simply filling technique" and not count points!

Apparently Weight Watchers knows that not one diet fits everyone...and they want their diet to fit your lifestyle rather than vice you'll be able to tweak the program to fit you.

Though I'll have a meeting tonight...I'm very anxious for next week's!!