A Weight Loss Post

So it seems that there was some truth in what I had heard about the new Weight Watchers - Lowest Daily Points is now 26 and Lifetime Members within 2 lbs. of goal weight (either direction) have e-tools for free (must do a monthly weigh-in).

I was happy to hear about the E-tools thing, unfortunately I'm not within 2 lbs. of my goal so I can't get it free yet...however, I did go ahead and sign up for it - it's costing $12.95 a month and I'm hoping to only need to pay for one month.  I am so very happy to have my phone app back though - I really used that thing!!!  Reading through the changes on the website was a little exciting and I put my daily points at 26 in hopes of getting this extra weight off, plus a little more to give me more room with those weigh-ins.  I also saw on the site about being able to do the simply filling plan if you choose a day or two instead of counting points - that wasn't discussed last night, but most of the information is to be given to us next week at the meeting - new books as well!

I am still so very behind at work, but I am feeling better so hopefully some overtime next week!

Now I'm off to dinner and a play with CC!