A Fun Day

Yesterday CC and I went to some Church Bazaars, then shopping in Chambersburg, then a movie.  We're somewhat obsessed when it comes to movies and popcorn - we ended up seeing The Muppets a second time since nothing else appealed to us - lol!!

But it was a very enjoyable, tiring day.  We always have a lot of fun together.  We started the day with breakfast at the Flamingo Restaurant in Fayetteville, PA - they have the best food there, it's cheap and they give you so much.  The pancakes are HUGE.  I opted for one egg, bacon, toast and one pancake.  CC went for 2 pancakes only.  I couldn't eat my whole pancake and neither could she eat two.  Because we ate a large breakfast, we skipped lunch and then had dinner at Hoss's, which is always good.

The weather has been great here!  It's been sunny and not overly cold, for December that's unusual - but we love it, hope it stays!

I seem to be getting lots of posts in lately....let's hope I can continue!