Not Happy At All.....

My friend's recent passing has been very difficult for me.  It's hard to go to work and not see him there; not have our daily little chats, not have that one person I can go to with all my's hard.

The one thing he and I did together was the Annual Food Drive.  For every 100 cans of food we collected, he'd match it.  He's not here to do that anymore.  But the food drive has special memories for me because it was something we did together.

When the notice came out for the Food Drive this year, I immediately sent out an email stating that if each person brings in 2 items we would make a goal of 200 cans.  There are some that work there that will not give because they food goes to "inmates".  I explained in my email that we cannot hold the families of inmate's responsible for the inmate's actions and continued with the bad economy and that people like us are now without work.  I also added a humorous - "we're not talking about hard shelled crabs here, we're asking for a can of food" - which many got a good kick out of.

We were off Friday for Veteran's Day but one of the ladies in my office decided to work and take her holiday at another time.  Imagine my surprise when this email popped up on my phone:

"As of today the turn out has been great however, I would like to match or surpass last years total and make Capt. **** proud that we look out for others.. Last year we collected 393 cans and $100.00, to date we have 128 cans and $10.00, the last day for this is 11/16/11 so please look into your hearts and give to not only the needy but as a great remembrance to Capt. ****…."

I have several issues with this; the first and foremost?  The BITCH stole my food drive!!!  It was the one thing that Rodney and I did together, it was special to me and she took it away!  Second?  She changed the goal - she even doubled it!  Last and the worst?  She used his memory to guilt people into giving!!

AND..... I HAD someone willing to match the 200 cans only because she wasn't involved in this (she collects for everything and drives everyone insane).  And because, well they know this is something important to me.  But they aren't doing it now.

Last year was very successful (she fails to mention in the email that some of those items came from the other division and the total was for both divisions, not just us) and then it was ruined because they wanted a "photo"  with everyone to show "looky what we did".  I refused to be part of that, as I don't do it for the recognition.  Charity should be done just for; not to get credit for it.

You may be thinking that maybe she's just trying to help....well maybe.....but she does this with everything - she can't just let someone do something without involving herself and taking total control.  And maybe she doesn't realize that she does this.....but she's about to find out.  I am not a happy camper!