Long Fun Day

Yesterday CC and I went shopping in the Hanover-Gettysburg area.  We initially were in search of Christmas Bazaars and such, but couldn't find any.  So we shopped in a few thrift stores (didn't find anything) and then did regular shopping.

We started for breakfast at the Flamingo in Fayetteville, PA.  Food is very good.  We each ordered 2 blueberry pancakes, next time we'll each order 1.  They were HUGE and we couldn't eat all of it.  Dinner was at Texas Roadhouse where we had the roasted chicken, highly recommended!

We hit gold at the new Target in Hanover.  All Halloween candy was 70% off.  This Target must of expected huge sells in Halloween candy and didn't sell any for Halloween.  They had tons leftover.  I'm not kidding you when I say I got close to $50.00 worth of candy for $10.00.  The other stores all failed in comparison with their Halloween leftovers.

After shopping, we did - what else - went to a movie!  "Tower Heist" was really good and funny and the theatre in Gettysburg is very nice.

It was a tiring but fun day!