Long Day...

We're winning the battle with the fleas, but we still are fighting them.  Today we vacuumed and sprayed all the living room furniture and rugs and I washed the curtains and bedding.  It gets better each day, getting rid of the carpet was very smart.

During the course of it hubby thought we should take the dogs to the dog park.  We arrive...one area is for small dogs, one for large dogs (our dogs are medium so we have either choice).  However there were large dogs in both areas.  We choose one.  The lady had two dogs with her....the one dog and Toby didn't like each other....the dog was 5 times the size of Toby...it got ugly.  We were able to get them apart and we moved to the other area which was now vacant.  Toby does have a small bite, so we're watching him.  Probably going to require a Vet visit on Monday, he limps but is eating and drinking.

My aunt is still leaving phone calls.  Yesterday she called work but left no message but I recognized the number.  Hubby and I were out and about today besides house cleaning; when I checked messages there she was again...telling me once again that she received the software and then not understanding what is going on, am I out of town or what?   This is what is going on.....I'M BUSY!!!!  When I have the time to do it, I'll do it!  Yes, technically I should call and tell her that, but I'm afraid I'd be way too nasty as I haven't gotten over her calling my parents and worrying them the other night nor the fact that she thinks if you don't have children, you have all the time in the world.  So for now, I'm not returning the call.  And I blame this all on my mother who offered my service several months ago with the Netflix....and that ended up being much more stressful than it needed to be (I couldn't help that their internet service is crap and thus Netflix wouldn't stream right, but you would of thought I should of been able to solve that and they drove me nuts over it).  They would ask people and then call me with all this advice they received....rather than just having the person they asked do it; it was a living nightmare for weeks.  I told my mother to NEVER give my phone number out again.  But, of course, it was too late in this area.

I'm spending the day with CC and Josh (who's home from college for the holiday) tomorrow and am looking forward to it.  I have no doubt in my mind that my aunt will show up at my parents trying to locate me (since I'm normally there on Sundays)...so having this planned day couldn't be at a better time.  Yes, my aunt would do that and yes it is at the point that it is more like harassment; but right now I just am too busy to deal with it.

I am on staycation right now and am so going to enjoy not being at work this week....but I'm still going to be busy even without kids!