Just For The Record...I'm Alive

I'm an ADULT.  I have a LIFE.  I have a JOB.

Today was my typical Thursday...work all day, Weight Watchers, then out with CC.

If you remember from a prior post, over the weekend I had helped my one aunt set up a new laptop (yeah, don't ask, what could there possibly be to set up?); there was some software that hadn't arrived yet and it was due any day (again - simple procedure...but why didn't you buy a laptop that was pre-loaded?).  ANYWAY....

I'm due to be on vacation next week, so I'm trying like heck to get work caught up which is a losing battle.  I've brought stuff home to do, I'll probably have stuff at home with me during the vacation to do...in the midst of all of it the State wanted us to run a list of inmates that are due to give DNA samples - not an easy task since the computer cannot produce a report that way...it takes me two days to prepare this list thus cutting into my trying to catch up before vacation time.

Wednesday evening hubby and I went to the store and grabbed something to eat.  My aunt had left a message that her software had arrived.  It was late, I didn't return the call and I really don't know when I'm going to have the time to take care of that.  I went to bed, worry about it later.

Today at work, besides a meeting, I spent most of the day filing.  I don't answer my phone when doing this or the filing wouldn't get done.  On my periodical breaks I check my messages and return the BUSINESS calls and any personal calls that seem relevant.  My aunt's message (again) in regards to her software was neither a business call or relevant in my book.

I finished work, went home, walked the dogs, hopped in my car, went to Weight Watchers with CC and then we grabbed something to eat and went back to her house and watched TV (our normal Thursday night).  It was during the beginning of "Game of Thrones" that I thought I was hearing Loverboy's "Working For The Weekend" which is my phone's ringtone.  I got up to get my phone, no one really ever calls me.

I missed the call but could see it was from my one sister, she didn't leave a message.  I checked thru my email on the phone and realized that I had 2 messages on the home phone...one from my aunt's number (who was really beginning to pluck my nerves at this point) and the other from my parent's number.  Hmmmm....parent's number and sister's call are way too close; it concerned me that something was wrong especially since my Dad is just getting over pneumonia for the umpteenth time.  I called my sister...our conversation:

Me:  Hello
Sister:  Are you all right?
Me:  Yeah....why?
Sister:  Where are you?
Me:  I'm at CC's....
Sister:  Well Aunt ****called Mom and said she's been calling you all day at work and you weren't there and she's called your house and you aren't there.  Mom is worried sick because she can't find you.
Me:  (now I am ticked)  Well, I'm not missing and <insert aunt's name> computer is not my priority at the moment.
Sister:  Well do you want to call Mom or do you want me to do it?
Me:  I'll call her.

I call my mother:

Mom:  Laura where are you?
Me:  I'm at CC's.
Mom:  I've been worried sick.
Me:  There was no reason for anyone to worry.  I wasn't missing.
Mom:  Well <insert aunt's name> said you weren't at work today and you weren't at home.  I was worried sick.
Me:  Well, that's a lie, I was at work all day and at work, I work - I'm very backed up.  And tonight was Weight Watchers night, like every Thursday night.  <insert aunt's name> has to realize that her computer is not my priority.  I have things to do.
blah, blah, blah....

I was probably a little attitudey with my Mom, but it just p*ssed me off.  Just because I hadn't returned a phone call someone thought that gave them the right to call my family and worry them!!!  REALLY???  It's not unusual for me not to speak to family members everyday...it was disrespectful to worry them.

The other thing that ticks me is my aunt has a daughter that is capable of loading programs onto the laptop...but my aunt won't call her because she has kids and that keeps her busy.  Really?  Her kids are school age and thus in school all day; and my cousin doesn't work....I would think she has more time then me.  I may not have kids, but I do have a life.

Want to know why I love animals so much????  You don't have to deal with crap like the above.  People create drama where there isn't any!