Ho Hum......

Rodney:  Sometimes you have to be the bigger person.
Me:  I know that, but why do I always have to be the bigger person.
Rodney:  Just be the bigger person...
Today would of been Rodney's 50th Birthday and I once again hear that conversation that we had so many times.  Actually I don't think a time goes by that when I just don't want to bite my tongue...and I'll hear him whispering in my ear "Be the bigger person."  And he's right; I let it slide and a little later I realize that it wasn't an important enough issue to make a deal out of nor was the person worth the effort.  The day I hear him say "Go for it!" will be the day I know it's an issue worth addressing.

But today would of been his birthday and it makes the day rather bittersweet :(

On top of that we've finally made the decision to have Spunky put down...and not just Spunky but Sebastian as well.  We've known for a while that it was time for Spunky and we just kept pushing it further and further back; then Sebastian happened.  We could probably let him go for awhile but in a few months it will just be the same thing..so we decided on both.  We're dropping them off in the morning.  I hate when pets get old.

It hasn't been a real upbeat day at all...and we've both been sick since Sunday.