Another Long Day

Well CC, Josh and I went to a craft fair today and all I bought were 3 homemade dog treats....we then went to the movies and saw "Breaking Dawn" which was very very bad.....I don't know why I keep punishing myself.

Though my aunt didn't show up at my Mom's today, she did call there looking for me (I feel like I'm being stalked)...when I got home she had had my cousin pm me on FaceBook (now it's cyber stalking).  I told my cousin to let her know that Wednesday afternoon will be the earliest she'll see me.

It will also be the very last time I do computer work for anyone other than a select few on a list...the ones that don't hound you to death and the ones that don't expect you to produce miracles.  "No" when it comes to others computers is my new motto.

Taking Mom to lunch on Wednesday and making her go with me since this is all her fault to begin with.  Maybe with her there I won't have my aunt standing over top of me trying to "back seat drive"; yeah she does that...makes me wonder why she needs me at all.