Another Day....

Yesterday I spent with CC and Josh.  We went shopping in Chambersburg where I picked up 4 sweaters at JC Penney's at a very decent price - I was very happy.  I also managed to get Colton and Caden's Christmas I've got that started.  I remember when I use to be done by now...not anymore.

Hubby wants a pair of ski gloves for Christmas.  He has an old pair, so I had to look up the brand online and yep, they still exist!  So I'll be ordering those.  I want the Kindle Fire and I believe he plans on getting that for me - I'm much more the electronic girl rather than the jewelry girl!

Today I took my Mom to lunch and then we went to my Aunt's for the computer.  My Aunt had already loaded most of the programs in herself but was having issues with the virus program.  That was because the computer came with a trial version of a virus program and we had to get rid of that.  Other than that, it was pretty uneventful, which seems rather odd considering all the phone calls she made to me regarding this.

But in the morning, hubby was walking dogs and when he went to take Toby out, Lucy ran out the door.  When this happens...she won't come to you...she thinks we're playing a game.  I went out with him and we tried to catch her but she kept running from us.  Then all of a sudden she came running down the alley, chasing a.....CHICKEN!!  I have no idea who in our neighborhood has chickens, but one was loose.  Fortunately that chase wore her out and we were able to catch her ad the chicken wandered off unharmed.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!