An Overdue Weight Loss Post

This evening I made One Pot Chicken & Potatoes from over at Green Lite Bites.  It was very good that even hubby liked it!  You could do a lot with this recipe, I think next time I'll use frozen mixed veggies instead of just peas.  This would be great inside chicken pot pie too!!

My weight doesn't seem to want to go back down, as a matter of fact it is slowly increasing which is bothersome.  I've looked over my logs and nothing is out of place which bothers me.  This is something that I've noticed is consistent with those that are short....Points Plus makes it hard to lose when you're close to goal and it makes it hard to maintain.  Actually for me to maintain, I can't go over the lowest points allowed for weight loss mode - how can my lose points and maintain points be the same????    It's getting frustrating. 

Still waiting to hear what the changes for Weight Watchers are going to be.  I do know that Lifetime Members will have access to E-tools for free if they are at goal; exercise will really be pushed and they are mum about anything else.

Time will tell.