Today I Lost My Best Friend

The morning started like any other work morning; then the Warden walked into the office area and wanted us to drop everything and meet to the point he told the one girl to tell the person on the phone she'd call then back (and it was a business call).  We were all thinking the same thing; what did we do now?  Have we been that bad?  Then the words came out of his mouth..."There's no easy way to say this so I'll just say it.  Rodney just passed away."  Everything became a blur after that.

Rodney is our Assistant Warden.  Rodney interviewed me, did my background....Rodney was my favorite person at work.  When hubby was in the hospital the first time and had to be rushed back into surgery..I called Rodney.  He talked to me on the phone until my sister got to the hospital.  I complained to Rodney, he told me whether my complaint was justified or not, we chatted, we joked....Rodney was one of my best friends.

Rodney had been off since last week due to back pain. This morning he collapsed and coded blue.  And at that moment a part of my life changed forever.  Our last conversation involved a chat about his daughter and than he said he was leaving work early to go to the doctor.

I'll never see him again.  They'll be no more talks or joking around.  He'll never do another one of my evaluations; I'll never solve another computer problem for him. 

I never got to say good-bye.