This & That

Hubby sold his business two weeks ago.  It couldn't have happened at a better time as it was time to sell and move on.  Currently he's working for the people that bought it; but it's also time to look into future endeavors.  It was an emotional roller coaster for him, but in the end everything worked out and without the daily stresses that come with owning the's a little more stress free.

Someone had emailed about my weight progress since it was no longer on the side bar.  I just didn't want to take the time to type all that back in again...I'm still going to Weight Watchers.  I made lifetime status right before my Myrtle Beach vacation and was good at my September weigh-in.  I was at the doctor's for a check up on Friday  and weighed in at 151.4.  I've been weighing at home and it's about the same.  Though I certainly can live at 151 without a does cause a WW problem because my goal is set at 146 and I can't be more than 148 or I have to pay.  I don't have an issue with that either, except...I'm stuck at 151.  I've done old menus, did some switch arounds, etc..  but the weight won't budge and that stresses me.  Grrrrrr.....  CC on the other hand is still doing fabulous maintaining and I can't help but think how lucky she is not to have to fight a sluggish thyroid with her weight loss journey.  But I'm still hanging in there and hopefully before the end of the month, I can knock those 3 lbs. off!