The Start of Household Projects!

I pulled up the carpet in the bedroom on Friday.  To give you some idea of how dated the decor in the bedroom is:

Understand?  My original goal was to paint the walls and woodwork first...but the flea problem needed under control so the carpet became first.  I'm happy to say that underneath the carpet was this:

Excuse the mess (still needs swept and cleaned) but the hardwood is in pretty good shape!  Now a perfectionist would resurface and restain...but I like it the way it is, it gives it so much more character.  I do need to get a rug to put at the end of the bed as Toby is freaking every time he has to step on it (as expected).

But I'm very very happy to have the real hardwood and not having to invest any money!!


  1. How cool! It's always nice to find something in good condition when ripping stuff out. I too toyed with the idea of redoing the hardwood floors in the church when I bought it. But, the character the nail holes from the pews and 100 years of history was something I didn't want to lose. I think it would have looked silly. The floors would have looked new when everything else didn't. That being said, I am considering throwing a new coat of Poly on everything. It would just require moving sooooo much stuff to so it.


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