The Dog Ate My Carpet

We have to pen Lucy when we’re not at home due to the sofa thing.  We use a pen rather than a crate, it gives her more room and isn’t as confining.  I had originally bought it for Keyser and it’s been a good investment.  However….that means the living room carpet is the flooring of the pen.

Yesterday when I arrived, I noticed a hole in the carpet where the pen is.  Hmmmmmmmm……..oh yeah, a throw rug will cover it, but seriously how much larger is it going to grow?

I know there is hardwood flooring under the carpet, IMO we should tear up the carpet.  Hubby pointed out that Toby would be an issue.  Toby hates flooring, he’ll avoid walking on it at all costs.  There’s also the fact that the hardwood could get marked up from the animals.  I suggested we tear up the carpet and just get a large room sized carpet to lay over it (not wall to wall) that would give Toby the needed "security" he seems to need.

Not something happening immediately, but hopefully a winter project!