If I Ran Weight Watchers

I was at Weight Watchers this evening and was talking to the lady that sits behind me.   She's like our class superstar - she's lost about 135 lbs. in the past 18 months.  She's been stuck 8 lbs. from goal for quite a while and she's getting frustrated.  I asked the obvious - "What's your doctor think of your weight loss?"  Her reply?  "He thinks I'm fine where I'm at and doesn't want me to lose much more; but Weight Watchers says I need an 8 lb. loss to get to my weight range."  I advised her that if her doctor put it on a note, Weight Watchers has to accept it.  I don't know if she will or not; but at least it's given her an option.

For my height, Weight Watchers says I should weigh anywhere between 113 - 141 lbs.  That's quite a range.  If I were even able to make it to 113 lbs. I would look like death's door.  A young woman my height would look great at 113; but I wouldn't now at my age.  If I ran Weight Watchers the weight ranges would by separated by height then by age group.  And from the get go, everyone would know that if your doctor says different - that's the weight to go with.

People are struggling, many have gone back to the old Weight Watchers plan - what do you do?

If I ran Weight Watchers the plan would be as follows:

One -  the point calculation would be like the old plan:  calories, fat and fiber.  It was simple, it was easy and it worked.

Two - fruit would be 0 pts. and you would be limited to 2 fruit servings a day.  Any over 2 and you would have to count the pts.

Three - all veggies would be 0 pts.  Even the starchy ones, however you would be limited to one 0 pt. starchy one a day - you would need to count pts. on any other starchy you may have.

Daily Points - minimum on old system was 18 which is way to little; minimum on new system is 29 which is way too high.  Probably would set it somewhere in between like 25.  This is for lose mode.  Maintaining would stay between 29-35 depending on which works best for you.

Weekly Points - Again old 35 vs. new 49.  It's always nice to have those extras but are they hurting you?  Let's go in between and take 40.

The only reason I'm thinking of changes is that "the word out there" says "enhancements" are coming to the Points Plus Program in November.  No one knows for sure what they are; but it's seems to be needed.