Household Projects

So we're home projecting thinking......mostly due to the dogs.

We've been dealing with a flea problem that won't go away.  Every time we think we have it comes back.  The poor dogs never stop scratching/'s annoying to us, so we know it's driving them crazy.  We've tried it all...from top of the line products to the cheapest from home remedies to all natural.  Nothing works.

We decided today that the best way to combat it is to tear up all the carpet.  Not a bad idea because the carpet is old and crappy anyway; but what to do after that?

We've started to pull back at corners to see what we are dealing with.  Both the bedrooms and living room have some type of hardwood flooring under them.  That's great if it's in good shape, but we also think once the flea problem is gone...we could just get room size rugs to cover them if needed.  The dining room is an entirely different situation.  It was the original kitchen, so under the carpet is a vinyl ugly, disgusting vinyl flooring.  I immediately told hubby there was NO WAY I could live with that.  No absolutely that floor will have to take priority over all the others.  Course that vinyl flooring was coming off in my hands as the glue holding it down apparently no longer adheres...under that is thick wood planks.  We're not sure if we're looking at unfinished hardwood or a sub-floor.

So we may be looking at a laminate floor for all of it.  If that's not doable, the dining room will have to have the sticky squares to get us through.  Either way it will be nice to have the fleas gone, the dogs not suffering and another step in making the house our own!