A Draining Week

This week seems endless....it's been a rough week at work, I feel like I've got nothing done.  I was with Rodney's family Tuesday night and then this afternoon.  Services are on Saturday and I see that as a very long emotional day.

I drove his company car home from his house today back to work.  At first I didn't want to, but then I wanted to.  It gave me time to give him hell for leaving us and it made me sad and I got another good cry in.

I still can't believe he's gone and I will never understand how a doctor could misdiagnosis a heart problem as back pain.  I can't understand why rescue workers were so unconcerned with trying to save his life and didn't even perform CPR correctly nor do what was needed to get him to the hospital in a fair amount of time.  I can't comprehend why the hospital totally ignored the request that the body be sent to Baltimore for an autopsy and instead just called the funeral home to come get him.

The loss is great enough, knowing that he should still be here is even worse.