I suppose if you're trying to lose weight that you've heard of the HCG Diet.  It's a diet where you take a few drops of HGC in order to suppress your appetite and you eat a diet of 500 calories or less a day (of selected food, not just anything you want).  And like a miracle, you'll drop weight.

I'm here to tell you that you'll drop weight eating less than 500 calories a day without the HCG drops.  You'll be starving but you'll lose weight.  Plus there's the added scientific study that less than 1200 calories a day is considered unhealthy.  Originally this diet was designed for HCG injections (which are illegal in some countries, the US included) so someone apparently developed drops instead.

But I'm not writing this to tell you the pros and cons of the HCG Diet, or to even promote it (you notice it isn't on my side bar).  I am here to tell you of their false advertising.

This week Roni, who lost lots of weight on Weight Watchers, has her own cookbook and several websites regarding her weight journey; received an email from another blogger showing her that her Before/After weight photos were on the HCG website!!  If it couldn't get worse....they claimed her name was Darlene and the weight loss was by the HCG Diet!

Seriously, SERIOUSLY???  If your diet is such a success, why would you falsify results??? Where are all those people who have actually lost on this diet?  Can't they use them???

You can read and see the advertisement by clicking Roni's name in the above paragraph and her reaction and response to it.  But this is an example of how companies lie to get your business and make false promises.

There isn't an easy fix to weight issues.  Don't be foolish enough to believe there is.  Do you really only want to eat 500 calories a day of selected food items for the rest of your life?