So, So - How Is It?

So I know y'all are just sitting on the edge of your seats dying to know how the new bed is, right?  Well, of course you are!!

It is fabulous!!   It's rather tall and Keyser has a little trouble getting into it (bum back leg), but it is very very comfortable - and we all fit in it.  However, this morning I woke up right at the edge of the bed, all the dogs and one cat were smack up against me and hubby had 3/4 of the bed to move around in.  Hmmmm..... we need to make some adjustments there!  But for the most part, it's excellent!!

I now need to readjust the bedroom though.  The bed takes up most of it, and it's somewhat crowded.  My long chest of drawers is going to have to go and I'll convert to a tall one instead.  I want to paint the woodwork white (it's light blue) and I'm not quite sure what to do about the walls.  The walls have wallpapered paneled boards on them.  I guess it's decorative panelling.  The print is a small light blue flower..but it's just so dated.  I'm going to test a small area and see how painting over it will work.  Hubby and I also discovered at Lowe's a covering specifically designed to go over paneling.  Once it's up you can paint any color you like, which is great too; but if I can paint over it, that would be cheapest.  We did paint over wood paneling in the dining room when we moved in.  It's held up pretty good other than in places where it's been hit, then it chips.  That's an issue, but that may not be as big of an issue in the bedroom.

I would like the woodwork white and the walls tan.  I would like to pull up the ugly very worn blue carpet and just leave the hardwood floor, and perhaps just put a large rug under the bed.  My new comforter is tan with a burgandy and black design.  So I'm figuring burgandy curtains and rug.  Someone had made wooden valances at the top of the windows that are blue, I'm thinking of painting them black. 

That's my winter project!