Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.....

I know what y'all are were excited about this blog and you've posted NOTHING!!  LOL - just been busy, busy!

I'm always amazed of people who can't choose their own friends.  The ones that stay within a group and all have to agree on who's "in" and who's "out".  The "if you're friends with them you can't be friends with me" crowd. 

I've totally never understood it - EVER!  Why can't you pick your own friends?  IMO - if you can't be friends with whom you want're leading a very dull life.  And if your so-called "friends" tell you that you can't or shouldn't be friends with someone...then I'd ditch those friends, cause they aren't friends at all.

I always try to take people at face value...everyone gets a chance.  I know first impressions mean a lot, but I try to go beneath the surface as well.  Sometimes that first impression can be wrong.

Online friendships are the hardest.  It is so easy to take what someone writes in the wrong way.  I've developed some really nice friendships online; some of the people I have met, some I haven't, some I've only met briefly.  Briefly would be a first impression - so I chose to wait until I can really get to know the person, before making a judgement there - it's only fair.  I'm sure people have made snap judgements on me and I know there are people who don't like me.  I have no problem with that; that has to do with "them" not me..and they are entitled to live their life as they choose.

I don't think I really have a point other than I just never understood the "group" thing.  I've always had a wide variety of friends from all walks of life.  It's just made life more interesting and fun! 

I'll always remember reading a book of Rick Warren's that had a chapter on "choosing friends".... he said to ask yourself these questions:

Do your friends tear you down or do they build you up?
Do you find yourself having to conform to things you don't like to do?
Do they keep you from living 100% for God?

I always felt they were a powerful three questions; especially the second one.  I try to use those questions when making decisions.  I've often made people a priority in my life that have only made me an option in theirs.  I don't want to be the "option".

You shouldn't be an "option" either.