We Outsmarted The Hurricane

Despite everyone giving strong warnings and calling us crazy and stupid....hubby and I headed to Myrtle Beach, SC yesterday.  Yes, we know that Hurricane Irene was working her way up the coast.  We've watched the weather for DAYS....but all indicated that Myrtle Beach would be a miss - and it was.

We started out yesterday deciding it was best to stay west of I-95 (since that was to be a big hit area).  It added about 3 hours to the total drive, but it was a smart move.  Sunny and no rain was the drive...we made it across the South Carolina border and stayed in a very nice hotel over night.  By the time we headed out this morning, Irene was past Myrtle Beach.  We have some winds and clouds but other than that, things are fine and the weather is to be beautiful tomorrow!!  What could be better than that?  So see, we aren't crazy or stupid...we had things worked out and knew what needed to be done!

CC is watching the cats, bunny and turtle and the dogs are being borded at the Vet's.  Always feel guilty when I drop the dogs off.....