The Earth Shook Under My Feet

Today we had something we've never had before, an EARTHQUAKE!

I'm sitting at my desk compiling the paperwork for new files and things started to vibrate.  At first, I thought the AC in the office was getting ready to go kaput...then I realized the floor was moving.  I felt the rumble go from one end of the office, under my feet and out the other end.  It was scarey and weird.  It felt weird.  All of us immediately met in the outer office area and a quick internet check proved what we thought - an earthquake!  We don't have earthquakes in this area.  It's just strange....

I see that Hurricane Irene is heading towards the Carolinas as we are ready for vacation!  What more could happen???  Oh, we've been in Myrtle Beach during Tropical Storms and lower level hurricanes; but we're normally already there not driving into it!!  I'm hoping it keeps moving East and misses us or at least stays at a low category or changes to a Tropical Storm.  We'll probably lose a day or two...but what can we do?