The Dog Ate My Sofa...again and again and again....

The blog title is no actually happened, oh not the whole sofa but any hole ruins the furniture.

When Keyser was a puppy:

He was a chewer. I lost more pairs of shoes because of him, but as he grew we allowed him more time out of the pen.  One night we decided to go out to dinner and confined him just to the living room with Toby.  When we got home there was a small hole on the center back cushion of the couch.  Not good, I tried patches and such; but he kept pulling them off; the hole grew and grew.  We put a blanket over the back of the couch....but he'd just go under it and continue to pull stuffing out.  By the time the couch was set out for trash pick up, it looked like this:

We had replaced this sofa with one from Freecycle and then later I found this at a thrift store for $125.00 (that was for the entire set):

A quick cleaning with my carpet cleaner and a good spray down for fleas (not that it had any, just a precaution) and we've really enjoyed this set.  Keyser has long been out of the chewing stage.

This year we added this to the family:

Cuter than anything is my Lucy Lu!  But...still in the puppy stages of life, she's a big chewer.  Haven't had a whole lot of issues until last week.  While Hubby slept on the couch...Lucy did this (yes you read that right - while hubby was on the couch):

I was so mad......  but the best solution was just to flip the cushion over.  Then tonight I came home to this:

Hubby was in the shower and Lucy just decided to chew the exact same cushion again - only the good side!

Our solution for this is to take the cushion from the chair and put on the couch, and then put the bad cushion on the chair and cover it with a blanket (dogs are the only ones that use the chair anyway). 

Now you know why I'm a freecycle-thrift store kind of person!

Now my Toby, he's never eaten a sofa:

What a good boy!