So Hey What Do You Eat On Vacation?????

This will be the very first time I've been on vacation while dieting.  Since I've got my fingers crossed to be lifetime status tomorrow evening it really puts me in the "it's a lifestyle change, not a diet" mode.

Chicken and seafood are always good bets when eating out.  As long as they aren't fried or breaded, I should be good.  One of our favorite places to eat there is The Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery.  I've looked up the menu online and decided on the Hawaiian Chicken with grilled pineapple; as my side I'll get a salad or the broccoli without cheese.  It will probably be more than I can eat, so part of it will become lunch the next day.  We also decided to try Joe's Crab Shack .  Again, I've checked the menu and am going for the Classic Steampot which is dungeness crab, snow crab, boiled shrimp and sausage.  I don't quite understand how or why the sausage gets thrown in the mix, and since I'm not a sausage fan, that will probably go to hubby.  I believe it comes with new potatoes and corn as well....again, this may end up as lunch the next day also...but I'm a big crab and shrimp eater - so maybe not!!  We'll do a seafood buffet one night - which will probably be a big point night for me.  We may also do The Pirates Voyage which looks like a big meal that will end up half being lunch!!

As you can see we don't eat out much at lunch - lol!!!  Actually we do about a 10:00 breakfast.  Breakfast is normally pretty easy when it comes to Weight Watchers.  Eggs, wheat bread, skim milk....I can even splurge a day or two and have pancakes or french toast.  It is vacation after all!!  So we aren't normally hungry around lunch time.  So lunch is later in the afternoon (if at all) and a late dinner (we normally are late dinner eaters anyway). Besides I like to spend the late morning on the beach and then move to the pool early afternoon.

So the best advice I can give for dieting on vacation?  If you can plan any meals ahead of time - do so, look up the menus and decide beforehand what you're going to eat.  Watch portion sizes, if you can't control this - ask for a take home box immediately and put half the meal in it before you even start.  Track, track, track....even if you go over your point allowance - TRACK IT!!  And give yourself a treat now and then after all you are on vacation.

And hey - I'll be at the beach....what could be better than walking along the beach!!