Only In America.....

Sometimes life just gives you things to write about.

Hubby and I are on vacation.  We started out on Friday and continued on Saturday morning.  I suggested we stop at a Waffle House to eat.  We did.

They were rather busy, but we managed to get a table that had not been cleaned off yet.  It would take 10 minutes for someone to do this.  Then about 15 mintues before someone waited on us.  I would have my waffle but have to wait 5 minutes for silverware.  The whole experience was terrible.  No one was apologetic.

But it wasn't the bad service we experienced that gave me writing was what was going on around us that made you think "only in America".

There was a very large group that were together in there.  They apparently felt they were more important than the rest of us (and I do blame them for the bad service everyone else was experiencing).  They were constantly changing tables, interrupting the staff to attend to their needs - it was caos.  I'm not kidding you when I say I watched the one lady (who was very large); grab one of the wash cloths used to wipe off the tables, stand up, bend over (that put her very large butt in the faces of the people at the table across from hers) and wash off her feet before throwing the cloth back across the counter.

After watching her, I turned my attention to a guy sitting at the counter.  At a glance he seemed somewhat normal, however I happened to notice he had a rather large hole in the back of his pants.  At a second glance I realized he wasn't wearing underwear and I was staring at his butt.  Yep, you read that right.

The other problem was the table behind us.  An older couple who were extremely unhappy with their meal, apparently it wasn't cooked right, the wife had not received all of hers, etc...  The waitress blamed it on a new manager that didn't know how to cook.  Oh I bet the manager loved that!  There was no way this waitress was going to please this couple and though they had a legitimate complaint; they shouldn't of been taking it out on the waitress and causing such a ruckus for the rest of us.

It was an interesting meal....