As everyone that reads here knows, I'm a huge Kevin Spacey fan.  At Leitersburg Cinemas they had a display above the snack bar for the movie Horrible Bosses.  It had individual posters of each of the main characters.  I asked them what they did with them after the movie ended - the snack bar personnel claimed they threw them in a back room.  I emailed the theatre asking for the Kevin Spacey poster but never heard anything.  Today they emailed me back and said the poster was at the theatre waiting for me.  I was psyched!

I get there and they had me THE ENTIRE DISPLAY!!  They said it's all connected and they didn't know how to get it apart - lol!!  Well scissors will do the trick, I'm pretty sure.  Anyway as a double bonus, the display (which is like a huge banner) is double sided!!  So there's actually 2 of everyone.  My cousin has already put claim to Jennifer Anniston - lol!!  But here's Kevin: