An Inspiration? Who ME?????

Today I received a text message from my one sister.  She let me know that the dogs were fine and that the kennel staff love them (I'm sure they say that to everyone....but seriously, how can you not love Toby, Keyser and Lucy??).  Anyway she proceeded to tell me that she was going back to Weight Watchers and that I was her inspiration.

Really??? Me???

I didn't really do anything.  I just walked in the door at Weight Watchers and made up my mind to do the program.  Now at Lifetime status the job gets a little harder....maintaining it for life.  I would like to lose a few more pounds but I'm happy with what I've achieved.

Vacations are hard....I did the seafood buffet and didn't overstuff myself; I did Joe's Crab Shack (which is fabulous by the way) and there were no leftovers there, and we did Liberty which did give me a leftover lunch the next day.  Tonight we're doing Fuddrucker's and I've decided I'm having french fries...always need to have that little "special something" keeps you on track.  I bake french fries at home, so deep fried ones are far and few and well considered a treat.  But I've decided on a grilled chicken sandwich and fries for dinner.  I may even go wild and get a funnel cake - all depends on my mood.  Keeping it real without overdoing is the key to weight loss.