New Again!

All postings prior to this one are from my blog "Weight Loss, Jabber and What Not" which was previously known as "Strat's Garden" which was previously know as "Stratcat Online".  They've all been brought here because I'm ready to delete the other blogs but want to keep the history.

I originally started my blog when I wanted to leave a comment on a friend's and the host insisted I have an account; and thus Stratcat Online was born.  The blog was named after my cat Strat, a very unique couldn't ask for a better cat.  He was my very best buddy. Almost four years ago, he went outside and never returned - it was very heartbreaking.  I renamed the site "Strat's Garden" to continue an "in memory".  This past year I began a weight loss journey and the blog became "Weight Loss, Jabber and What Not".

However, despite the fact that weight loss has become a big part of my life, I didn't think the blog reflected on the rest of my life, oh the posts were there, but the blog wasn't "me". 

Recently CC and I were joking around and the phrase "The World According to Laura" came up.  Though a catchy title and one I's being used to death all over the internet.  This past weekend my dog Lucy chose to eat one of the cushions on the couch...not a unique thing to happen as Keyser ate a hole in another couch back when he was a pup; and thus "The Dog Ate My Sofa" was born!

The sidebars are still a work in process...I know there are probably photos that aren't right or missing...but I'm very excited about this blog!