Today I finally made goal......kind of....

Though the Wendie, Maggie, Debbie, Dorothy or whatever they are called plans are doable...my weight has not been budging and I still think the amount of food I ate on Sunday was outrageous.

I went back to the message boards somewhat defeated.  I mentioned the fact that my leader had suggested a doctor's excuse since I've been at a standstill for so long.  I found that many people do this.  Several told me that in order to make it to their goal weight they had to resort to practically starving to get there...then they couldn't maintain it.  They finally went to their doctors and got the note.  They all said it was the smartest thing they did.  Even the people who didn't have to do this, didn't think it was a big deal and were supportive of the idea.  So I called the doctor's office and requested one.

The nurse called me back and said that the doctor did not feel that I was being unrealistic and I could pick it up at the front desk.  I went in feeling somewhat defeated; the receptionist said "I was to ask you a question when you got here.  Back in September you told Dr. K that your goal was to be a size 10.  Are you?"  I said, "Nope, I'm a 6!"  She smiled and handed me the note.  All of a sudden I didn't feel so defeated...I not only met that goal, I went past it!  So I did make GOAL!!

Now whether Weight Watchers will make me go into maintence for 6 weeks before handing me Lifetime status or just let me have it since I've maintained that already for well over 6 weeks I don't know; but it doesn't matter.  For the first time EVER, I've met a weight loss goal!

And as long as I don't gain 2-3 lbs. between now and Thursday, I'll have a new little charm for my key ring!