A Little Sweet Gem

One thing I enjoy about Weight Watchers is when others bring in recipes.  Here's a little gem from a week or so ago:

Single Serve Microwave Cake
3 Points Plus

Take an Angel Food Cake Mix and any flavor Regular Cake Mix (yep, absolutely any flavor).
Combine them together in a zip lock bag (just the dry mixes, don't add anything else).
Store mix in the bag or transfer to a container.

Whenever you want a piece of cake:

1/3 cup of the mix
3 TBL water

Mix together in a microwavable mug and then microwave for 1 minute, 10 seconds.

TA-DA!!  You know have a single slice of cake!  It will slide right out of the mug.  You can top it with fruit, powdered sugar, icing, whipped creamed, peanut butter, etc...  Just remember to add points for your topping.

What could be better than this???

For a printable version of this recipe click here:  Single Serve Microwave Cake