A Doctor's Note?

My weight loss is still at a standstill.  This has been going on way too long.  My WW group leader's advice was "Go to your doctor and get a note that says the weight you are at is okay.  We have to accept that."  Ummm...yeah, hey...WHAT????  No advice on how to get past this?  We're only talking 4-5 lbs. here.  And yeah, I want to reach goal and though I am quite happy with my weight and clothes size where I'm at....I still want to hit a goal!

One thing I've discovered through this process is that there is always way more help and information available at the WW site on the message boards and on other boards elsewhere.  Who better to help then people who are going through the same thing?  One particular board has led me to what is known as the "Wendie Plan".

Named after it's inventor, the Wendie Plan is designed to help you use your weekly points in a way that supposedly will jump start your metabolism.  It does not in anyway totally revamp or change the WW Program...it just gives you an idea on how to use your weekly points.  You continue to use all your dailies.

You can use any day as your start day...I'm choosing to continue to use Friday as my start day...and the plan seems to be laid out to work very well with that:

Day 1:   Daily Pts plus 5-7 weeklies
Day 2:  Daily Pts plus 1 weekly
Day 3:  Daily Pts plus 15-20 weeklies
Day 4:  Dailies Only
Day 5:  Dailies plus 4-5 weeklies
Day 6:  Dailies plus 2 weeklies
Day 7:  Dailies only

You will use 27-35 of your weekly points, so you still have some left if you need to use any more.

I'm giving this a shot and see what will happen.  I'm game for about anything at this point.

Another option is the "Maggie Plan".  On this one you use ALL your weekly points the first 3-4 days (in addition to your dailies) and then stick to the daily for the rest of the week.  This one requires that you follow the healthy guidelines (oils, dairy, etc....), eat healthy foods and have a glass of milk late afternoon\early evening.

Another thing I'm doing is upping my veggie intake.  I'm not a big vegetable eater but I'm working on that.