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Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there - even the ones to the furry kid kind!!

My morning started with no power.  Everything was out.  But it wasn't just us, it was the block and about an hour later it was all back on.  I have no idea what had happened.

My family is having an evening picnic for Father's Day.  Spent the day finishing up "Pillars of the Earth" on Starz and some laundry.

As stated in a previous post, I picked a day and logged it on SparkPeople.  According to the SparkPeople stats I was within the correct areas for calories, protein, fat, fiber and carbs.  I then figured each item out with WW points & pointsplus.  It was interesting.  On PointsPlus (which is the current program) I have 29 daily points.  My eating for the day came to 27 points.  Under my daily.  On the old points system I would be allowed 19 daily points - it totally out to 25 points - 6 points OVER.  On the norm, I never would of gone over my daily and if I did it would never of been with that much.  So I AM consuming more calories then I did previously especially when you consider that now you do not count fruits, where before you did.

I think this explains why so many lost weight more consistently on the old program and it slowed up on the new one.  There is two ways of looking at this.  One - the old program basically had you in starvation mode; Two-the new program has you consuming too many calories to lose weight.  However, SparkPeople proves the first one.  Remember I said that SparkPeople had me at all the correct levels.  Looking at "lifestyle change for a lifetime", it only seems doable with the new program.  However, I do not condem anyone that has chosen to go back to the old one, whatever works for YOU.  But for me to go back to that?  I'd be starving.


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