The Greene Turtle

Over the weekend, CC and I became huge fans of this:

This is the Raspberry Turkey Flatbread at The Greene Turtle .  The description is:

It starts with jerk seasoned turkey on warm flatbread with melted cheddar jack, slice tomato and red onion.  Then it gets serious with our bold raspberry sauce.

Yeah, it sounded good to us too!  We were torn between that and the Turkey BBQ Club.  We decided to order one of each and each eat half of one.  Both were delicious but the Turkey Raspberry won for the very best!

You wouldn't think turkey, tomato, onion and raspberry on flatbread would be a lot in points; but when I checked the stats on this baby it came in at a whopping 18 pts!!  YIKES!  The BBQ Club came in at 23 pts!!  DOUBLE YIKES!  Needless to say we each used about 20 pts on sandwiches alone which is way too much.  In the future we'll just have to split one and have them with soup and a side salad.

But, I did enjoy the taste and still can't understand why it's so much.  I've decided to try to recreate this as best as I possibly can using this:

It's Smucker's Sugar Free Raspberry Preserves (1 TB = 1 pt); Sargento Colby-Jack 25% less sodium cheese (1 slice = 2 pts); Sara Lee's Pepper Cracked Turkey Breast (4 slices = 1 pt); and the store brand of the Wheat Thin Rolls (1 roll = 2 pt).  If successful this one will come in at 6 points!!  Unfotunately I don't have any tomato or onion to add - but we'll see how successful this is first.  Though I don't expect The Greene Turtle's...hopefully it will give a kick to an otherwise boring lunch.

The plan is to put everything on the roll but the raspberry and heat it until the cheese melts on the generic George Foreman grill we have here at work (or maybe the toaster oven) and then add the raspberry.  Another option for this, is to use the Light Flatout Flatbread (which was my original choice but the store didn't have the light variety).  I think with the Flatbread I may want to go with 8 slices of turkey (2 pts) since it's larger...but that'll be another post!  Another option is a reduced fat (or fat free) cheese as well, but sometimes it's worth the extra point or two and have the real thing!

Sooo....the outcome?

Well it wasn't the Greene Turtle's - but it's not bad either!  The pepper cracked turkey does have a kick to it, but all in all it is a satisfying and filling lunch.  I rounded out the lunch with the Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins (11 for 2 pts) and watermelon!!

I'm thinking those pretzel thins would go great with Roni's laughing cow nacho dip!!