New vs. Old

There still seems to be a lot of folks struggling with the new Weight Watchers program.  I'm beginning to see that it is much much more than I originally thought.

Though I've had success on both version; I've been stuck for about 6-7 weeks with my weight yo-yoing back and forth.  It's frustrating because I'm so close to goal.  Weeding through the internet I've discovered that it is not uncommon for someone at my height and close to goal having a hard time getting there.  It's why so many have been "tweeking" the new program or going back to the old one.

I still have a hard time rationalizing that if you're eating the same things on the new program as you did on the old, why the program isn't working.  I mean, nothing has changed other than point values.  I've decided that after weigh in on Thursday; I'm going to begin tracking both ways beginning on Friday.  I'm going to use Sparkpeople as my diary and at the end of the day figure out the point values for both the old and new plan.  I'm interested in seeing how it works.  I chose Sparkpeople because it will show me the intake of calories and such I'm getting and I'll be able to view my problem areas.  I just can't take another week of "Just keep doing what you're doing; it'll eventually all work out."  I think they tell us that because they just don't know enough about the new program to help it along.

CC has made lifetime status and now feels like an outcast!  C'mon Weight Watchers - just because someone isn't paying anymore doesn't mean you have the right to throw them to the street.  They need the support to maintain!  Oh yeah sure, she doesn't have to pay anymore...but by not paying she's lost use of the website tools (recipe builder, tracker, etc...) she now has as much as a non-paying person does.  How is that right???