More Of This And A Little Of That

Polt sent me another photo from the Pride Parade (I didn't have good ones of this group, so I'm loving it):

 And the following of CC, me and himself:
I like very little photos of myself, but I do like this one.  It's the first time I saw myself and thought "Wow, I'm thin!"  Gotta love it!

Last week I had to take Lucy to the vet's as she had started peeing in the house and was stopping every few steps on a walk to stop and try to pee.  After $125.00 it was determined she had a UTI and is now on meds.  Keyser has been doing nothing but licking and scratching himself that he's driving us nuts!  So I'm sure he's nuts as well.  We've tried shampoos, different foods, benedryl, different topical flea/tick oinments and nothing seems to work!!!   As of this writing Hubby is at the vet's with him; waiting to hear back on that one.
But they are my children and we must do what we must do.


  1. Molly goes through a chewing/scratching phase at the beginning of the spring. I've had a little luck with Benedryl. But putting a little bit of Olive Oil on her food seemed to help her skin the most. Just my 2 cents on "child" care.


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