Manny Kin

One day, while driving through town I saw a person perched atop a truck advertising Furniture Market.  Nope - wrong at closer inspection I noticed it was a mannequin.  That would happen another 1 to 2 times before it became ingrained in my brain that it was a mannequin.  The truck could be found in various locations and there were both male & female mannequins - you never really knew when one might show up.  It was a funny advertising campaign.

"Manny Kin", as the mannequin has become known has caused quite a stir here in Waynesboro, PA - a small town located in south eastern PA at the Maryland border.  Waynesboro has an approximate population of about 30,000.  Out of that 30,000; ONE found Manny Kin a distraction and is concerned that this type of advertising could cause our town to look "junky".  Yep, ONE person found, that in the middle of a bad economy, our town should not be focused on the budget, but rather that we force the removal of the mannequins.

Yes, this is small town America politics folks......  According to this ONE person, the mannequins are in violation of the sign ordinance - which says that signs can't be animated.   Hmmmmm......

Well maybe it's just me but I've never had one of those mannequins wave at me, or do acrobats across the signs; as a matter of fact all they do is just sit there.  Many businesses have those lighted up signs that flash and such - isn't that animated?  And why are those allowed?

Anyway, there's a fight going in regards to "Manny Kin"...but I say let him alone.  Can't  "Manny Kin" just do his job?

And to prove I'm not making this up; here's the newspapers links:

Mannequins Violate Township Rules

Resident Defends Mannequins

Mannequin Decision Is Appealed

Supervisors To Speak At Mannequin Hearing

Manny Kin's Interview

And read the comments!  They only make the whole thing more interesting!


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