A Little Bit Of Kevin Spacey

Due to Blogger's "maintenance" screw up, I was unable to post two annual postings that occur on May 12th.  These were 2 "little bit of Kevin Spaceys" that I had the pleasure to experience while in NY in 2007:

Just got home and am extremely tired. I have lots to tell but I'll tell the "main event" right now!!!!

My husband owns and operates a screenprinting/embroidery shop and he and I designed a "Moon For The Misbegotten" long-sleeved t-shirt for Kevin and a hat that said "Got Moon?". (Sorry, everyone - they are not for sale, in the card I told Kevin it was a one of a kind original and no one else had one).

Thursday, May 10th I went to the stage door with the gift bag. I wanted to be up front at the barricade in order to give it to him personally. The one Security Guard saw me and asked me who I was giving it to and I told him Kevin. He explained that Kevin is unable to accept gifts that are not cleared through security first and I wasn't able to do that. However, he said he would be more than happy to take the bag backstage to the room where things are inspected. So, of course, I handed it over to security. When he came back out, I explained that it was a one-of-a-kind specially made gift and I really wanted him to have it. The Security guard admitted that he himself had already "peaked" in the bag and I needn't worry. In the meantime another security guard came out with a thumbs up that the bag had cleared.

On Saturday, May 12th, we went back to the stage door to wait for Kevin. We noticed the one Security guard carry a few items to Kevin's car - I immediately saw my gift bag and got excited!!! What a slice of heaven - he apparently likes the gift as he's taking it with him!!! Joanne said that I would probably be receiving a thank you card soon!!!

Well, when Kevin came out the stage door HE WAS WEARING THE SHIRT!!! I was right there and said "That's my shirt!!" He said "Did you get me this shirt?" I said "Yes" He said "I LOVE this shirt!!!" So I asked him to pose for a picture, which he willingly did...then I asked for one of he and I, which he replied "Sure, come here...I was able to cross the barricade to HIS side and put my arms around him as he did me!!! While Joanne took an enormously loooooooong time to take the picture (thanks for that sweetie - it was worth the wait).

What a night...........

But earlier in the day........

For those that have been asking...yes, KevieBear got his picture with Kevin Spacey!!!

At the Saturday matinee after the stage door crowd started to thin out, I approached the man and said "Can I ask a favor?" He said "Sure" without looking up from his signing. I said "Will you have your picture taken with the driving mr. spacey bear?" He got this cute little grin on his face, looked up and said "I'd be delighted." He took the bear, read his button ("I was mooned on Broadway"), laughed, posed and handed him back saying "I hope he has a safe journey home."

What A Guy!!!


  1. So many memories. Great times. Thank you for taking me on my journey to the moon. KB


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