This & That

Strat's Garden got a mention over at Jim Not Mike as the runner up for pulling traffic to his site.  We came in second to Kim .  So let's all set a goal to be NUMBER ONE next month.  Click Jim's site from here everytime you visit!!  And a personal note to Jim:  Yes Lucy does play well with other dogs, she's a wrestler though - we're working on that!!

Saturday CC and I went out in all the rain and wind to thrift store shop.  I got a few things and CC got many good deals!  For lunch we stopped at a little diner in Chambersburg (can't remember the name - CC help!).  Not weight watchers friendly, we decided on grilled cheese and tomato soup guesstimating the point values.  We probably guesstimated low....but whatever the point value it was like eating heaven!  We felt a little guilty...

Last night CC and I went to the movies to see "Hanna"...ummm...yeah......don't even ask.