Laughing Cow Cheeses

I just love Laughing Cow Cheese! I mean how can you not like it? For the longest time I used it as a spread on crackers. At only 1 p+ per wedge, you can't go wrong with it.

I came across a posting at the Weight Watcher boards and loved this Laughing Cow idea! Buy the French Onion flavored cheese and you have the perfect dip for you favorite low p+ chip! I used mine with 10 Special K sea salt chips. YUMMY!!

But what I'm dying to try are two recipes from Green Lite Bites:

Single Serve Nacho Cheese

And the new one she has up:

Cheesey Beef Taco Wrap

You can't go wrong with Laughing Cow and hey, you can't go wrong with Roni's Recipes either!!  And if you enjoy Roni's recipes, go to Amazon and check out her cookbook:

Green Lite Bites - The First Three Years