Happy Day!!

CC made her goal weight this past week at Weight Watchers (applause, applause)  :)    I still have 6.6 lbs. to go!  So we've been very successful.

So how do you get weight loss to be successful?  In my opinion:

1.  First and foremost you must be in the right frame of mind to lose weight.  For years I would tell myself "I want to lose weight" but I never stuck with it or in some cases never started.  You really, really, really want to have to do it.  Sometimes something tragic may happen to get you in that frame of mind or you just might wake up one morning and decide this is it.  It's different for everyone, but if your mind's not there your body isn't going to follow.

2.  You need to find a diet that works for you for a LIFETIME.  That's right, weight loss isn't temporary (which is why so many fail).  I have an entire list of diets on the sidebar to the right - check them out.  See what works for YOU and what you feel you're capable of doing for the rest of your life.  If you happen to come across another that I don't have listed, please comment to this post and I'll get it on the list.

In my particular case, I chose Weight Watchers.  Why?  I know I need a group setting for the support and accountability; plus Weight Watchers doesn't end.  I once did the Curves diet which I did successfully for the 6 weeks it ran; once that stopped so did my diet.  I did the Weigh Down Workshop through church, again was successful for the weeks it ran; once over so was my diet.  Know what you are capable of doing - if you can do online GREAT; if you can do short-term group GREAT again; if you need the long-term, don't be afraid to admit it. 

3.  If at all possible find a weight loss buddy.  That's a very important key to CC and my's success, because we have each other to depend on.  But even if you don't have a physical person, online ones can get you through things as well.

4.  Don't sabotage yourself!  I often read boards and hear people say, "Oh well, I'll just start over tomorrow."  Yes, you are going to have weak moments...but never "start over" tomorrow.  You start over at the very next thing to go into your mouth.  Just because you may screw up one meal, doesn't mean you have to screw up the rest for the day.  Refer to number 1 - if your mind is right, those "oh no" moments will be few.

5.  Don't be afraid of your success!  I was recently on the WW boards where people were saying they are offended when someone notices they lost weight and actually are irritated when asked how much they've lost.  Really???  REALLY???  R  E  A  L  L  Y  ????   C'mon, if my success can help another, I say SHARE!  I often find how uneducated people are when it comes to weight loss - they think they have to give up all sweets and junk type food and live off veggies.  Oh not so true.....  I want to discuss Weight Watchers with others and if it can help them achieve their goals - why would that be offensive??? 

I recently watched the show "Heavy" on A&E and they did an update show on 4 of the participants.  All are still losing weight and in each case they are involved with helping others lose.  I found that very inspiring.

6.  Weigh and measure those foods!  Don't guesstimate sizes.

7.  Treat yourself now and then - don't overdo it, but you do deserve a treat every once and a while.