Some Much Needed Information

Since hubby and I had looked at several different dogs the past 2 weeks, I must share some of the reading.  Almost every dog kennel has a description card/sheet giving information on that particular dog.  One of the things is where the dog came from.  These varied:

Owner surrender.
Owner surrender - can't afford to keep.
Owner surrender - can't afford Vet bills.
Owner surrender - dog has medical issues.
Owner surrender - owner moved to nursing home, died, etc....

The last one is a very sad one, breaks my heart everytime.  Where the hell is the family???

All are very sad, I hate to see owner surrenders. 

Can't afford?  You're telling me that until the economy gets better you can't afford the dog/cat food at the dollar store?  Yeah, it's probably not the best but it's an option to try prior to a surrender.

Dogs get medical issues, I am well aware of that these costs can be high.  Please consider that before getting the animal.

Vet bills?  Well if we're just talking about regular check ups and shots, there are some cheaper options.  Check with your local Humane Society for upcoming rabies clinics.  Also check out Luv My Pet .  They offer some great package deals for animal vaccines.

Strays.  How do you become a stray?  Didn't the animal belong to someone?  Take our new girl for instance.  She was picked up as a stray.  A little puppy with painted toenails and knows the command "sit".  That is a dog that had a family.  Where are they?  Don't they miss her?  Didn't they report her missing?  If they were looking, why did they stop?  I still to this day look for my Strat cat.  What's wrong with people?

Pets are a big responsibility.  They are lifetime commitments.  If you can't give the lifetime, don't get the pet (and that's no offense on those that have ended up in nursing homes or don't outlive their pets).  I also do realize that many people have lost their jobs and of course, your family will come before the pets.  Please try to find them a good home first.