No Title - I Have None!

Though there are still some minor issues with Lucy and Keyser and he still wants to go in the crate when I'm trying to tell her to; things are going pretty well.

I scheduled her wellness visit via the Humane Society today.  I already know it won't turn out to be a "freebie" visit as she needs another distemper shot.  My sister works at the Vet and while we were talking about her my sister made the comment "There is no way that dog has pitbull in her."  I said, "Really? Cause there's discrepancy in her paperwork and we're not sure."  She said, "She doesn't look like any pitbull I've ever seen."

Hubby made the comment today of how someone must of been really working hard with Lucy in regards to training; he then said "I surely hope no one is missing her."

I hope that too.  Nothing is worse than losing a pet and never being able to find them.  All you can do is hope and pray that they end up in a home well cared for.  Though I would contact the local Humane Society when my animals are missing, I'm sure many don't think to do that.  Lucy was only picked up March 9th.  Someone may still be looking.  :(